Enrico and Nico are two brothers who joined their expertise as audio and electronic engineers to serve their shared passion: sound. Divided by 2200 Km of land and water, but united by a strong urge to create and a bumpy internet connection, they funded ChiralityAudio to present themselves to the world. They have few, but strong principles: put the sound in front of everything else, stay clear of hype and stereotypes, and never compromise quality, ever. Their current product lineup is growing around effect pedals.

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Chirality Audio - Splinter
Chirality Audio - Splinter

The Splinter offers a modern and versatile overdrive sound that works great on anything with an instrument or line level output. Its internal wide 16V headroom makes the pedal very responsive to input dynamics, be it the touch of a human or the envelope of a synth.

The combination of three clipping options and three low cut steps offers many different characters/textures and frequency response curves. The power runs at 9V center negative, so no special power suppliers on the pedalboard are required. Its tonal palette ranges from harmonics enhancement to complex textures typical of aggressive overdrives. The front plate of the Splinter is decorated with an algorithmically generated drawing.

The sound of the Splinter is used by renowned italian synth guru Enrico Cosimi, electronic music composer and performer Hainbach, Torsten Kinsella & Jamie Dean (guitar, God Is An Astronaut), Peter Voigtmann (synth, The Ocean Collective), Robert Murphy (synth and guitar, Xenon Field/ex God Is An Astronaut), Kristian Karlsson (synth, Cult of Luna/pg.lost), Maciej Karbowski (guitar, Tides From Nebula), and more.


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