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We are driven by the vision that when product development becomes a community thing, we will see an amazing boost of innovation in our creative industries.

With MakePro X, you can build your very own, highly individualized creative gear as the better alternative to off-the-shelf product. With MakeHaus, we are providing a uniquely powerful, premium-quality Module System and software environment that lets you build one-of-a-kind and multi-functional solutions which let you do things which no one has done before!

With a fully modular approach, you can build your own instrument by embedding the sound engines you want in the housing you want with the controls you want and the functionality you want. Not as a fragile, haphazard prototype rig but in a solid, dependable and practical shape which everyone would love to use.

Initially starting off as MakeProAudio, we realized that the scope of our ideas is actually much larger than just sound. Under our new name of MakePro X, we include other domains such as lighting, streaming and home automation in our agenda. Such that all these things can converge and come together - at your fingertips!

At SoundMiT 2020 we are showing 

DinoPark - the unique DIY modeling synthesizer, and Control Tiles for your Eurorack

For more Information visit: dinopark.makeproaudio.com

MakeHaus - the powerful Module System for you to build your gear your way

For more Information visit: makehaus.makeproaudio.com

Don’t miss out on our special promotional offers during SoundMiT!

Use our Discount Code in the MakeHaus Shop and receive a huge 20% DISCOUNT on your total order - but only during SoundMiT Saturday and Sunday! 

To have the discount applied, enter the special SoundMiT Discount Code (which you find under “MAKEPRO X GIFT SOUNDMiT 2020” on this page) on the checkout page of our online store:


The DinoPark Eurorack “DnB” is shipping only in a few weeks from now and is not yet listed in our online store. Yet, today you can already Pre-Order your DinoPark Eurorack “DnB” for 599 EUR instead of 799 EUR and receive a 200 € DISCOUNT! Only during SoundMiT Saturday and Sunday! This is how it works: Send us an email (community at makeproaudio.com) or use our Contact Form  http://makepro-x.makeproaudio.com/contact/ - to Pre-order your DinoPark Eurorack “DnB” with our SoundMiT Discount Code and your full name and address. At the time we are shipping, we will contact you such you can confirm your order.

If you are a Maker, please get in touch with us and see what amazing things a community of Makers can now accomplish together.


Have a Chat with us!

During SoundMiT we will be available in a private chat provided by SoundMiT directly here on our booth page! We are keen to talk to all of you about your ideas and questions!

Join our Zoom Call on Sunday 3pm

On Sunday November 15th at 3:00pm we will have a Q&A Zoom Meeting where we will answer all your questions and show you how you can expand the controllability of your Eurorack with motorized Faders, Encoders and Buttons - Our DinoDials.

To join our Zoom Meeting on Sunday  follow the following Link:


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