More news from XIRID, preliminary XS2 specs!

More news from XIRID, preliminary XS2 specs!

Dear Friends, thank you for your interest in XIRID and the XS2 sequencer. Many of you have written us to learn more about our project; I am happy to provide you with more details. My name is Luca Leoni and I am the designer of the XS2 Sequencer. I am constantly committed to developing the sequencer's operating system, which is not yet complete.

Some features are already active and stable, and others have yet to be written or optimized.

As I wrote earlier, we will present XIRID at Soundmit in order to share the fruit of our work with you and listen to your impressions and needs, which we will then consider in project development.

We have built some prototypes to bring with us: we want to show you the quality of our choices at both a component and interface level.
As soon as the operating system's features are fully defined, we will redesign the hardware interface to adapt it to the system, and then start production.
We anticipate that XS2 will be available for purchase by the middle of next year.

We want to sell a machine that is ready and stable, with excellent construction quality and handcrafted finishes, that is very strong and destined to last over time.
We are sure that in the end, both for us and for you, XS2 will be worth the wait.

Luca Leoni
XIRID electronic musical instruments

XS2 Sequencer Main Features (subject to change):

-beautiful small rgb led lights
-Highest quality, durable pushbuttons and rotary encoders
-bright color screen
-multiple din Midi in Out/thru 
-usbMidi device and host
-Aluminium/Solid wood enclosure
-Ultra precise timing
-64 tracks up to 256 steps
-independent track length (polyRhythms)
-Swing and user grooves
-Advanced chords editing
-user editable music scales
-user assignable key shortcuts
-user assignable colors for tracks
-track naming
-parameters modulation
-advanced sync functions
-Step and realtime recording
-Realtime midi looper
-advanced midi routing
-midi learn
-“humanize”, remix and random editing

-funzioni avanzate di sync
-registrazione step o in tempo reale
-funzione midi looper
-routing midi avanzato
-funzionalità midi learn
-funzioni humanize remix e random parametriche
-ogni operazione è possibile senza fermare il sequencer



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