Sintetizzatori virtuali, Teoria e Tecnica. A book by Enrico Cosimi

Sintetizzatori virtuali, Teoria e Tecnica. A book by Enrico Cosimi

At the Soundmit, at the Midiware stand, some copies of the new book "Sintetizzatori virtuali, teoria e tecnica" will be available, signed by the author Enrico Cosimi.

From Edizioni Curci's website

A synthesizer is a key tool in the definition of our sound landscape: it is in fact very widely used in production, multimedia composition, and performance. The increasing availability of software implementations, both modular and dedicated, has paved the way for access to these tools, making it more complex among the many features and options offered.

In fact, both in hardware constructions and in virtual developments, the operating principles of a synthesizer are the same. This volume, therefore, aims to cross the competencies gained in the two areas to develop a logical and organic approach, which ultimately allows the reader to proceed independently to create their own sounds.


the electronic sound parameters and the fundamental components of a synthesizer an in-depth review of the most used synthesizers, in order of increasing the complexity the analysis of different architectures and graphical interfaces
explanation of each feature, parameter,s and options available.



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