Soundmit 2020 - All the numbers of the Tenth Edition

It wasn't easy to frame guests from 4 different time zones, but it wasn't the only challenge. In no time at all, we created a platform for managing the event that could offer exhibitors and the public a new vision and the possibility of being together even during a global pandemic.

For us the challenge is won! We are very happy with the work done and we believe we have created something new that will accompany us in the coming years.

In fact, it is our intention to continue with virtual initiatives that will accompany our annual 'physical' event which, we would like to specify, will always be present.

The dates of the next physical event are already marked, see you in Turin on November 13th and 14th 2021!

We are working to make the Soundmit an even bigger project, online workshops, video reviews and interviews are just some of the points that will take shape in the coming weeks together with a support platform for all manufacturers of electronic musical instruments.

Soundmit 2020

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