SOUNDMIT4HACKABILITY, Sunday 3rd November we will discover the selected projects!

We had the opportunity to view several Italian and international projects sent in response to the Soundmit4Hackability call, which had the aim of identifying and giving visibility to new and interesting projects to support musicians and people with physical disabilities.

We have selected 2 projects plus a mention "Out of the call" which we found very interesting.

For the OPENSOURCE category, we identified the EYE-TOUCH project (conceived by SKUG Center Tromsø and Inclusive Music Uk), the open-source Eye-Touch software acts as a musical instrument and a book of eye-controlled songs, which can be used by anyone, whatever their disability and allow them to actively participate in music, alone or in groups.

The NON-OPENSOURCE project is KIBO, by the Italian Kodaly.

Kibo is the first interactive instrument produced by Kodaly S.r.l., entirely made of wood and covered by a patent.

Kibo translates musical notes into geometric shapes and helps the development of visual, tactile, sound and mnemonic abilities, simplifying and speeding up reading and listening reproduction.

Mention of the jury goes to Kemonia River with the ODLA keyboard that allows to write music even to blind and visually impaired people.

Eye-Touch and Kibo will be available for testing at the Hackability stand while ODLA will be available at the dedicated stand.

Sunday afternoon will be the presentation of the projects by Carlo Boccazzi Varotto and Hackability. The projects will be illustrated by their inventors who will be happy to answer all your questions.

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