Theresyn, unconventional Theremin

As Nory says

I'm originally a keyboardist. Since when I met to Theremin that doesn't have fixed notes like normal instrument (I Would say, theremin is totally free articulation instrument ) I was so attracted of this..Then Theremin became my main instrument at my music performances.

However I feel several dissatisfuction with Theremin and started to feel a necessity to improve it, In order to play Theremin, the player should a move the part of their body (mostly both hands) against to the antennas,closer or farther. In this way, percussive or plucky sound is almost impossible to get. Also it's hardly play very fast melody like “The flight of the bumble bee”. The timbre of Theremin is completely static.

The players can chose the timbre by themselves but the timbre never get affected by articulation (for ex, piano forte) nor the passing of time. And the sound itself is very dry so it's pretty tasteless unless using some effect box or playing at the venue that has nice acoustic.

On the other hand, another oldest electronic instrument called “Ondes Martenot” has many variation of timbre due to different kind of speaker system and also has varied dynamics articulation by its mechanism However, Ondes Martenot is so fragile, rare and expensive and still not perfect to me so I decided to produce another new free articulation instrument.

Soundmit 2020

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