London School of Sound

London School of Sound

London School of Sound is a non-profit independent college for the creative industries. We specialize in music production, audio engineering, music business, sound design, career development for artists and sound engineers.
Our Mission

To promote the highest standard of education for professional music and media production and, in doing so, to support creative and talented individuals in their endeavour for the benefit of everyone.

Non-Profit and Independent

Being a non-profit organisation, all the income generated from course fees and donations is re-invested in the pursuit of our mission, delivering the best possible education for our students, creating teaching resources available to everyone, supporting deserving individuals throughout their studies, doing research and promoting public awareness to issues related to sound and the music industry.

Educational Partners

London School of Sound is committed to recognising and support outstanding educational establishments around the world.

Students from recognised institutions benefit from a fast-track path to our advanced courses and reduced fees.

Soundmit 2020

 +39 347 71 22 457
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Legal informations

BASE33 S.r.l.s
Via Nuoro 30/A 10137 - Torino
P.IVA: 12091710017 C.F.: 12091710017
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