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The partnerships

Fundamental as always are the partnerships, among which the one with the Italian Trade Agency has enhanced the event with the presence of international journalists (with coverage of more than 50 video interviews on the most important online portals of the sector), international buyers and sector operators who have chosen Turin and the Soundmit to strengthen relationships with companies in the sector and meet new ones.

The Exhibitors

Alongside the aficionados of the Soundmit, that is the exhibitors who take part in the event every year like Jomox, Schmidt Synthesizer, Euterpe Synthesizer Laboratories, Faselunare, Rsss Lab, Keen Association Moscow, Roland, Yamaha, and Schertler to name a few, we had the pleasure of hosting of the great companies of the synth world: Vermona, DreadBox, LeafAudio, Chirality Audio, Enjoy Electronics with a good balance between Italian companies and foreign companies.


This year we did an experiment with friends from the Hackability Association. We have launched an international call to discover and enhance enabling projects for musicians and people with disabilities.

3 projects were selected from the proposals received. As an Open-Source project, the jury selected "Eye-Touch" by Inclusive Music, a particular device that, combined with software, allows us to play and compose music with the sole movement of the eyes. For Non-Open-Source projects, the choice fell on Kodaly's Kibo, an interface that recalls the natural elements of wood but that contains a proprietary technology that can stimulate creativity by translating sounds into tangible forms. And finally, as a project coming out of the prototyping phase, ODLA by Kemonia River, from Palermo, an innovative interface for writing music suitable for everyone but designed to be used by blind or visually impaired musicians.

100 Years of Theremin

Time for the music at the Soundmit to celebrate 100 years since the birth of the Theremin, along with "La Maison du Theremin" and "100 Italia Theremin" led by the artistic direction of Lorenzo "Lord Theremin"Giorda, we had on stage 5 excellent Thereministi : Nori Ubukata (Jap) with Claudia Ferretti (Ita),Stefano Bertoli (Ita), Lord Theremin (Ita) with Gabro Jano (Ita), The Naked Thereminist (Ita) , Flavio Rubatto (Ita). Plus two other live shows with Alex Pleninger and Anastasia Koroleva (Ru) with their experimental electronics and finally Riccardo Fassi Synth Trio at the turn of Jazz and Prog Rock with Riccardo Fassi on keyboards, Caterina Crucitti on bass and Tony Arco on drums.

+30 Hours of Workshops and Showcase

This year we surpassed ourselves! With 2 workshop rooms, the Soundmit hosted over 30 hours of workshops, talks, showcases and demos with exclusive previews. Among these, the talk held by the Polytechnic of Turin together with the DAMS of Turin with professors Marco Masoero, Andrea Valle and Antonio Servetti, who together presented their activities and the next SMC2020 of which the Soundmit will be technical partner.






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