Modulisme is a platform/label supporting Modular Synthesis. A radio program airing music made using modular systems… Each session-program lasts one hour and is especially dedicated to one composer. 

6 radios have agreed to broadcast the program: Resonance FM + CAMP in the U.K. ;  Panik in Brussels ; Campus in Grenoble, JET FM in Nantes, and Eko des Garrigues in Montpellier. Besides their broadcast we have the one hour session available thru our player. 

I also send questions as I want an interview to accompany the session so that it may give full promotion and offering resources/infos so that it can also be a media, zine-like.

FreQ magazine from London is featuring a column on Modulisme acting as a relay in English media… 

New Noise zine has started to relay us in Italy too...

Modulisme is a serious labor of love which has evolved to being the very first platform to promote the genre. And in a way a label offering free music from Bana Haffar, Scanner, Morton Subotnick, Being, Suzanne Ciani, Bob Ostertag, Miguel Frasconi, Thomas Dimuzio, Doug Lynner, The Electric Weasel Ensemble (feat. Don Buchla), Todd Barton, Gino Robair, Tom Djll, Richard Scott, Jos Smolders, Kevin Rix, Alexeï Borisov, Kumo / Jono Podmore from UK, Warner Jepson, Paul M. Young (from Snakefinger/The Residents), André Stordeur… 

Soundmit 2021

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